staff Directory

YCAP Main Campus | 503-472-0457 + Extension | Fax: 503-472-5555

Anaberta Arenas
Energy and Weatherization Specialist    
503-687-1483  x1483

Alaina Bergan    
HR & Office Director    
503-883-4181 x4181

Alethea Brooks    
Client Services Case Manager    

Kristina Buck     
Volunteer Coordinator/Programs Support 503-883-4188 x4183

Karen Campbell   
Client Services Case Manager    
503-687-1475  x1475

Christina Cortez-Bannick
Marketing Coordinator
503-883-4183 x4183

Joann Crow    
Development Support Specialist    
503-687-1487 x1487

Johanna Cuevas
503-687-1476 x1476

Cassie Dandy
Client Services Outreach Specialist    

Maggi Deibel    
503-687-1470 x1470

Terry Eagan    
Energy Assistance Coordinator    
503-687-1479 x1479

Mandy Gawf    
Client Services Coordinator    
503-687-1489 x1489

Debra Hanson    
Finance Director    
503-687-1473 x1473

David Johnson  
Food Bank Support Specialist     

Aaron Kumnick    
Weatherization Technician    
503-883-4180  x4180 

Mary Leathers    
Client Services Housing Specialist
503-687-1492 x1492

Diane Longaker    
Food Resource Development Coordinator
503-687-1474 x1474   

Kraig Ludwig    
Energy and Food Programs Director    
503-883-4174 x4174   

Aaron Orta
Client Services Case Manager    
503-687-1481 x1481   

Martha Penhall    
Food Bank Manager    
503-883-4170 x4170  

Dave Rucker    
Food Bank Programs and Logistics Coordinator    
503-687-1471 x1471

Jeff Sargent    
Executive Director    
503-883-4172 x4172   

Tabitha Smith    
Energy Program Intake/Outreach Worker
503-883-4171  x4171

Gabriel Solorzano
Energy Services Technician - Educator
503-883-4186 x 4186

Kate Stokes    
Adult and Youth Programs Director    
503-883-4176  x4176 

Shauna Williams    
Client Services Case Manager    
503-883-4173  x4173  

Kris Zirkel    
Partner Agency Coordinator    
503-687-1472 x1472   

503-687-1472 x1472    


YCAP Youth Outreach | 503-538-8023 + Extension | Fax: 503-538-2100

Kate Stokes    
Adult and Youth Programs Director    
ext. 3   

Mark Bartlett    
SafeShelter Coordinator    
ext. 8   

Jason Dowd  
Rural Case Management Specialist    
ext. 7   

Angie Gonzalez    
Youth Prevention Specialist    
ext. 4   
Nathalie Hardy    
Jobs Development Specialist    
ext. 6   

Jennifer Kitchen    
Youth Program Specialist       

James Olson
Outreach Specialist
ext. 5