Energy assistance eLIGIBILITY

Assistance is available to renter and owner occupied housing that are below the 60% of Oregon Statewide Median Income. We process the majority of applications through the mail. Walk-in or scheduled appointments are available weekly on a limited basis. You may schedule an appointment by calling 503-687-1483.



60% of State Median Income by Household Size
Estimated State Median by Household Size-Source HHS
Effective October 1, 2018

Household Unit Size    Annual Income    Monthly Income
            1                            $24,550               $2,045.83
            2                            $32,103               $2,675.25
            3                            $39,657               $3,304.75
            4                            $47,210               $3,934.16
            5                            $54,764               $4,563.66
            6                            $62,317               $5,193.08
            7                            $63,734               $5,311.16
            8                            $65,150               $5,429.16
            9                            $66,566               $5,547.16
          10                            $67,983               $5,665.25
          11                            $69,399               $5,783.25
          12                            $70,815               $5,901.25
Each Additional Member  $1,416                $118.00
For larger households, please contact YCAP’s Energy Services Department for Income Eligibility.



The following must be provided in order to apply for Energy assistance (additional documentation may be required):

  • The completed Energy Assistance Application must be signed by adult applicant or authorized representative residing in the household

  • Copies of Social Security cards for all household members

  • Documentation of gross income for household members over 18 for the last 30 days, 90 days or 12 months. (Paycheck stubs, unemployment printout, child support printout, etc.)

  • Current year Social Security benefit letter showing gross amount received for all household members, if applicable

  • Current year benefit letter for any annuities and/or pensions received showing gross amount received. (A current month bank statement may be used along with a past benefit letter but only if amounts match)

  • Copy of the most recent heating and utility bill(s) with the account number, service address and name on the account visible. (MWL, NWN, PGE all that apply)

  • Purchase receipts for wood, oil, propane and /or pellets showing the date, amount, vendor and address

“As always, YCAP strongly advises households to make consistent payments toward energy bills. If the household is experiencing difficulty, contact the utility company to make payment arrangements to avoid disconnection.”

For more Information contact the Energy Assistance Hotline at 503-472-0457 ext. 1480 or 1-855-216-5289 ext. 1480