We believe that a community’s youth is one of its most valuable resources.  We believe communities benefit by ensuring all of its young people are provided with the basic opportunities or services that can support them in developing a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging, and empowerment.  

Through our Youth Services department, young people are nurtured by caring adults, are given opportunities to become involved in education or work that builds their skills, are supported and protected during challenging times, and are actively engaged in community activities, becoming valuable contributors to the quality of community life.  

We believe building on their assets and their potential can help counter the problems that may affect them such as youth homelessness, sexual exploitation and abuse, family conflicts, academic failure, social skills, or alcohol and drug issues.  Our Youth Outreach Teen Center in Newberg is a place where youth from all over Yamhill County can come to find the help they need when they need it; a supportive place where youth can find a safety net.


youth Services

We are steadfast in serving youth across Yamhill County, Oregon by providing a wide variety of essential social services to meet their varied needs.  We believe our program of services and activities listed below not only improve the quality of life for our youth and their families, but also improve their safety, well-being, and self-sufficiency, while assisting in making permanent connections in very measurable ways.  


Social Media Presence

Social Media is the language of young people. To best connect with the young people we want to serve, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We also have our own YouTube Channel and are on Vine.  We have a Prevention Blog called Clear Minds and an Ezine for girls, called E-Gab.  We use social media to effectively connect with local youth, parents, guardians, community partners, and interested others to inform them of the services, resources, activities, and events offered by Youth Outreach.  Please connect with us!

Youth Leadership Opportunities

“Nothing about Us, Without Us.”  Out Teen Center, Youth Outreach, has a fully functioning Youth Advisory Council (YAC). The Youth Advisory Council consists of a diversified group of middle & high school youth to age 21, representing a number of communities in our county. Former runaways, homeless & street youth, culturally and racially diverse youth, gifted and below-average academically achieving youth, and representatives of every socio-economic levels of the community are members of YAC.

The Youth Advisory Council was initially formed with the goal of receiving crucial input in our program development and start-up, but grew to the beginnings of a group that could be a “living” function in the further development, operation and evaluation of a quality youth services program. Today, YAC assists in community education – speaking on behalf the Youth Services department to a variety of community groups – advocacy; in the development, operations, and evaluation of our Teen Center; peer mentoring and outreach; planning activities, and local community service projects.  It has become a youth leadership model to other service agencies, schools, and organizations throughout Yamhill County.