our drop-in center

Our Drop-In Center is called Youth Outreach and is located in Newberg.  It’s an amazing resource for teens in our community and the hub of all our services and activities.  It’s innovative and youth-driven – considered a safe and nurturing place where youth are able to be free of violence, abuse, neglect, harassment, stalking, exploitation and fear.  Youth feel supported and protected by supervising caring adults that can address any needs or issues youth may have.

Our staff is well trained, supportive, and role-model positive adult behaviors. They professionally implement our program model which benefits youth in a variety of ways:

  • Provide a variety of healthy fun activities and essential social services
  • Presenting opportunities to develop positive life skills
  • Advocating for youth with schools, parents, and other community agencies;
  • Creating outlets for youth to be part of and serve their community
  • Encouraging personal responsibility and healthy choices

Youth are drawn to us because of the trusting and friendly environment that has been established, engaging staff & volunteers, and the essential services that are offered.  Our Drop-In Center is that “safe place” where youth can come and connect, and parents and guardians can trust. Participation in Youth Outreach services and activities is voluntary, free of charge, and an equal opportunity service.  Youth and families participate in services as they choose.