AnyDoor Yamhill Coordinated Entry

YCAP operates the Coordinated Entry system for Yamhill County called AnyDoor Yamhill. AnyDoor Yamhill is the entry point for housing and services and can help with needs such as: 

  • deposit assistance
  • help with rental arrears
  • ongoing housing assistance
  • help searching for an apartment
  • connection to utility help
  • referral to shelter and other local resources

You can access the AnyDoor Yamhill Coordinated Entry system by completing an initial screener. You can complete this screener several ways. 

  • walk into YCAP’s office from 8:30-5:00
  • call YCAP and ask for the Case Manager of the day at 503-472-0457
  • Complete screener online by clicking the button below.


YCAP operates three shelters for homeless families and children, one in Newberg and two in McMinnville. The shelter is an opportunity for households experiencing homelessness to take steps towards obtaining safe and affordable housing. Weekly case management sessions, referrals, resource connection, and other supportive services are provided to shelter families. YCAP’s shelters house an average of 30-40 persons per night and currently operate on a waitlist system.  

questions abouT shelter 503-472-0457


To apply for entrance into one of YCAP’s shelters, complete an intake with a YCAP Case Manager by appointment or as a walk-in. All shelter applicants are screened for YCAP’s Homeless Prevention and Shelter Diversion program (information below) to determine all available housing options.

Shelter Diversion

The Shelter Diversion program works with persons who are seeking entrance into a YCAP shelter or who are experiencing homelessness to explore all available housing options, such as natural support networks and rapid re-housing resources. It is designed to decrease the overall number of persons entering shelter in Yamhill County through short-term assistance.



Households seeking shelter start by going through a brief screening with the Homeless Prevention and Shelter Diversion Case Manager. To be screened for this program, call Shauna at 503-883-4173 or email

Spotlight Story

A single mother of four young children, with one on the way, entered YCAP’s Transitional Living Shelter after having moved around from other shelters, to Motel 6, to her car. When a room opened in the shelter, she was able to move into YCAP’s shelter. Working with her case manager, she was able to connect with a primary care doctor and address her prenatal health. She qualified for a YCAP housing program and worked with her case manager to secure an apartment.