Our Youth Employment & Educational Services

Our youth are provided both education supports and job readiness opportunities.  They include individualized assessments and goal setting - according to their needs and interests - using research based materials such as the Casey Assessment tools; workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills, the ethics of “work”, filling out applications both in person and online; and business partnerships for youth shadowing and volunteerism, gaining valuable work experience leading to employment.  Working in tandem with other program services, staff helps youth remove the barriers that hinder their ability to find gainful employment in the first place such as living arrangements or conflicts at home, academic supports such as basic needs, school supplies, and tutoring, completing high school credit recovery or GED attainment, assisting with transportation needs, case management and life skills.

We have a “Resources Bank” of employers and others from around the county, who will commit to the support of youth opportunities for employment.   This also includes a cadre of resource sites where youth who have yet to find a paying position, can volunteer on a regular basis to improve and learn skills, demonstrate appropriate job behaviors, and developing a work ethic which will add to their long term skillset.