our street outreach efforts

One of the integral components of Youth Services is our Street Outreach Program.  Street Outreach involves going to locations around our community where teens are hanging out and as needed, taking our services to them.  

On a regular basis youth at a wide variety of locations throughout the county can connect with Youth Outreach staff.  Outreach Teams spend time in city parks, popular river access locations, downtown areas where teens congregate, high schools and middle schools during lunch, skate parks, outdoor concerts or events, and any other place where youth may be.  During outreach, youth may be given information about our program services and other links for necessary assistance.  Many services can be provided on site by competent outreach providers or youth are invited back to our Drop In center in Newberg for additional services or connections with other programs that can help them.

Our outreach model is simple, effective, and straightforward.  Connecting with teens during street outreach makes it easy for them to access services they may not normally seek out on their own.  The expected results for outreach is simply a relaxed conversation with youth – we refer to it as ‘The Dance’ -- to determine what needs such as (shelter, food, hygiene, counseling, medical) may exist, and to help meet those needs by encouraging youth to come to the Drop-In center or by immediately providing street-based assistance on-site. 

Social Media efforts such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have become important outreach tools for us.  These tools are used by many of the youth we work with, and are a great way to stay in touch with youth and their families we may be working with.