Adults must agree to a criminal background check and have no evidence of prior criminal activity which could jeopardize the safety of other shelter residents. Clients must agree to remain “clean and sober” during their shelter residence and must abide by the published shelter rules, including drug testing. Clients must also be willing to participate in case management activities.

When the shelters are filled to capacity, clients may be referred to alternative shelter resources in Yamhill or surrounding counties.


Homeless families in need of emergency shelter should call (503) 472-0457, (or for the hearing impaired, Oregeon Relay 711) to schedule an appointment with a case manager. Upon completion of an intake interview and signed releases, a criminal background check will be completed. If cleared, applicants are called back for an orientation and drug test. At times when there is no vacancy in any of the agency shelters, applicants will be placed on a waiting list and/or referred to other shelters within Yamhill or surrounding counties. Admission procedures may vary due to special emergency needs.